• Bring Health to Your Life

    Humanoid rehabilitation robot that's always by your side

  • A rehab pal for all patients that need medical rehabilitation

    For post-stroke, brain injury, and more

    Whether you are recovering from stroke, brain injury, or any other diseases that require rehabilitation, RehaPal may be able to make your life easier. We are currently working hard to bring RehaPal to market. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you in the future!

    Patients, families, therapists, and doctors can all benefit

    RehaPal humanoid rehabilitation robot introduces an enhanced medical rehabilitation experience that promotes recovery and reduce burden of care. It involves the patients, families, therapists, and doctors to deliver high quality automated rehabilitation service.

  • Our Technology

    The world's first humanoid robotic rehabilitation companion

    Humanoid Rehabilitation Companion

    Friendly and always there for you

    RehaPal is meant to be more than a mere device. Its humanoid shape are meant to deliver a message - that we want to be your friend that hold your hands through your journey toward recovery.

    State-of-the-art robotic arms

    Flexible and safe

    RehaPal's two flexible robotic arms provide enhanced medical rehabilitation experience unmatched by other rigid devices such as exoskeletons or braces. Its advanced sensors ensures your safety during exercises.

    Powerful vision AI for positioning

    Always know your posture & position

    Powerful optical sensors and advanced vision AI allow RehaPal to always know where your joints and important body structures are, ensuring a safe and effective rehabilitation experience.

  • Why RehaPal?

    The simplest exercises are actually the most important

    Fully automated passive range of motion exercises

    Passive range of motion is the most basic and the most essential exercise for recovery in many conditions. With RehaPal, the labor intensive process can now be fully automated.

    Intelligent physical and occupational therapy

    Artificial Intelligence powered training algorithm

    RehaPal incorporates intelligent gross motor and fine motor training algorithm designed by expert medical doctors, automatically adjusting intensity of training to optimize your recovery!

    Comprehensive reports

    Cloud based report system

    RehaPal automatically generates clinically useful reports that help you and your doctors /therapists keep track of your progress in rehabilitation.

    Telerehabilitation system

    Remote interaction with medical professionals

    For those of you who choose to use RehaPal at home, RehaPal partners with medical providers to provide telerehabilitation services, so you can have human professionals overseeing your recovery!

  • Our Team

    Partners who dream of a world where everyone have access to medical rehab services

    Ray Chen


    UC Berkeley scholar

    Ray has a solid background in bio-engineering and has years of experiences running the largest tele-rehabilitation device company in Taiwan. He is also a scholar in a UC Berkeley robotics lab.

    Jowy Tani, MD


    UC Berkeley scholar

    Being a neurologist in a university hospital, Jowy is an expert in neurological diseases requiring rehabilitation services, and have extensive experience coordinating clinical trials for medical devices.

  • We would begin enrollment of our market validation / clinical trial soon!

    Please contact us if you are interested to participate in the trial

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